Friday, November 26, 2010

Mental Health Anti-Stigma PSA - Friends


  1. Everyone needs a friend otherwise they feel left out. I think everyone should have that one good friend that you can go to when you are feeling down, have a problem, to share your secrets with, and to like you for who you are. Like the youtube video says, a friend can make a difference. I truly believe this. If a friend is there for you when you need them the most, such as having a mental illness , it makes you feel loved and happy and therefore, with their help you can make it through your worst day.

    Melanie. F

  2. In my mind its all about quality not quantity. I feel truely blessed to have that one bestfriend, who really does make a difference. Even if thats the only friend i ever had, and ever saw my life would be the same. Theres almost always going to be that one person to help you up when you are down.


  3. Friends are very important to have even if you are not experiencing mental disabilities. I remember in the younger grades I always had loads of people around me I wanted as many friends as possible. As the years went by I slowly began to lose friends that were not always there and now in my life I have about 4 really close friends. It feels great to know that I can call anyone of these friends at any time during the night and they will pick up ready to hear what I have to say. True friends will stick by your side through it all. -Brittany L

  4. freinds are the most important thing in life because they will be there with you through thick and thin and if they are not that means they are not your real friend